Selected Work

“Like Anne Rice, I Wanted to Pursue My Own Strangeness, Darkness, and Power” at Electric Literature, 2022

Interview with Mary Gaitskill for Lit Cit Podcast, 2021

Interview with Melissa Broder for Lit Cit Podcast, 2021

Interview with Garth Greenwell for Lit Cit Podcast, 2020

“Laszlo’s Discernment” at The Arkansas International, 2020

Review of Hard Mouth by Amanda Goldblatt, The New York Times Book Review, 2019

Interview with Aimee Bender for The Rumpus, 2019

“Why Are Men So Much Worse At Writing Sex Than Women?” at Electric Literature, 2018

“The Complexity of Keeping House Is Worthy of Great Literature” at  Literary Hub, 2018

“The Best Literary Sex Scenes” at Electric Literature, 2018

“Hundred Mile House” Introduced by Aimee Bender for Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, 2018

“Wife Me Up” and “Restless Heart” at Wigleaf, 2018

“Byzantium” at Tin House, 2017

“Six Pieces from Transmigration Spellwork” at Juked, 2017

“California River Jade” at Entropy, 2016

“Divination.” Collaboration with Matt McLean at 7x7LA, 2015 

Review of The Loved Ones by Mary-Beth Hughes for Bookforum, 2015

Review of The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen for Bookforum, 2015

Contributor Spotlight at Hayden’s Ferry Review, 2015

Review of Cameron: Songs For The Witch Woman at MOCA for Los Angeles magazine Culture Files Blog, 2015

Review of Darcey Steinke’s Sister Golden Hair for Bookforum, 2014

Review of Monica Maristain’s Bolaño for Salon, 2014

Review of Michaela Carter’s Further Out Than You Thought for Los Angeles magazine Culture Files Blog, 2014

“The White Room” at Bluestem, 2014

“Hunt” at Tin House Flash Fridays, 2014

“Consignment Maternity” at Vestoj: the Journal of Sartorial Matters, 2014

“Olga Lah’s Theological Installations” in KCET Artbound, 2014

Interview with Judith  Freeman for Product Magazine, 2014

“No Names” in Devil’s Lake, 2014

“Valentines” in n+1, 2014

“Try Heaven” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, 2014

“‘He Brought Utopia And Faith’: Carolina López on her late husband, Roberto Bolaño” for The Believer, 2014

“Celebrating Visbility: The Los Angeles Poverty Department Walks The Talk” in KCET Artbound, 2014

Interview with Francine Prose for Product Magazine, 2014

“Life Savings” in n+1, 2014

Kæreste,” and “Dear Wigleaf” in Wigleaf, 2013

“Barri Gòtic” in Joyland Los Angeles, 2013 

Review of Elders by Ryan McIlvain in Los Angeles Review of Books and Salon, 2013

“My Bolaño Archive” in Los Angeles Review of Books and Salon, 2013

Review of The Sad Passions by Veronica Gonzalez Peña in Los Angeles  Review of Books, 2013

Review of Jacob’s Folly by Rebecca Miller in Los Angeles Review of Books, 2013 

“The Natatorium” in Tikkun, April 2013

“Arkadiy and Stella, Phillip and Junie” and “Dear Wigleaf” in Wigleaf, 2013

“Black Bo’s, or, The Black Bough” in Product Magazine, 2013

“Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte” in Two Serious Ladies, 2013

“Sasha” in Product Magazine, 2012

“The Emerald Inn” in Noyo River Review, 2012

“Park Rats” in Joyland Chicago, 2011